Keeping up with the latest K-beauty products or trends is now easier than ever. As the Korean beauty industry is becoming more mainstream, there is now much more information available across the internet in the form of reviews, tutorials and beauty haul by the K-beauty lovers. Below is a list of my favourite sources for Korean as well as general skincare advice, here you can find amazing contents that are both informative and aesthetically pleasing:



Photo source: Gothamista

Gothamista is a YouTube channel and blog created by beauty curator and expert Renee. Renee’s channel is a real gem, as a beauty expert, she really knows her things and is able to really explain the scientific side of skincare in a very easy way to understand. If you are a newbie to Korean skincare, I thoroughly recommend watching Renee’s morning and evening routine. She breaks it down by seasons and also suggests different products for different skin types. Check out Renee’s channel here.


Liah Yoo 

Photo source: Liah Yoo

Liah is a long time YouTuber and is the founder of Krave Beauty, which is a skincare line that encourages you to give your skin only what it needs! Liah’s passion for skincare, her philosophy and her knowledge really show in her videos and her brand. She believes that a skincare routine shouldn’t be complicated and you don’t need to use million of products, rather you should step back and use only the essentials that are necessary for the skin. #Pressreset and learn more about Liah’s brand and channel here.


Joan Kim

Photo source: Joan Kim

Joan is a Korean-American based in Seoul. Her channel encompasses both beauty and lifestyle and her editing skill is top notch. I particularly love watching her skincare routine, monthly favourites and empties video but if you are also interested in visiting Seoul and find out more about places to shop, eat or the best cafes, then you must watch her vlogs also! Explore Joan's channels here.



Photo source: Meejmuse

If you want to know about the latest Korean skincare or makeup products, then Jen is your girl. Her channel is filled with reviews of the most popular brands and products from the high street and trendy like Innisfree, Missha, Cosrx, Pyunkang Yul to more high-end brands like Sulwhasoo and Su:m37. Find out more about Jen here.


Lab Muffin Beauty Science

As a science educator and with a PhD in Chemistry under her belt, Michelle is whom I would always seek out when I want to learn more about the science behind beauty products. From unpronounceable ingredients to beauty myths, Michelle is able to provide easy-to-understand explanations which help us to figure out which products are worth buying. She has also recently launched her own e-book - The Lab Muffin Guide to Basic Skincare, a definite must read! For more details about Michelle and her e-book, click here.




Photo source: Skinminimalist

Do you have an Instagram’s account that you get super excited when you see a new post? Mine is Marcia’s account - Skinminimalist! You will find tonnes of short review videos and very detailed product reviews that feature both Korean and non-Korean brands. Like her account’s name, Marcia’s quest is quality over quantity. Not only is she promoting this idea, she is also actively helping others in being more conscious about their product choice and to streamline their skincare routine. If you have a question about skincare, just follow Marcia and send her a message.


Who else do you think should be on our reading list? Let us know below.

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