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With thousands of skincare products on the market already, the thought of trying out K-beauty could be quite daunting and expensive! Where do you even start and how do you know what products to go for? These were the initial questions that I had a few years ago when I wanted to dabble in the K-Beauty world.

The first step - Clearout

Probably, the best way to start is by looking into your own bathroom beauty stash. Do a quick run through of your current skincare products, identify what is working and what is not, see what product you need but is missing. Whilst you are at it, why not do a quick clear out? Throw away any products that smell a bit off or something that you never used as they are probably out of date anyway. This will probably take you less than ten minutes to do, if not then it is great that you are spending a bit of time to sort them out. By now, you should be able to narrow down what you would like to try out, whether it is a new face wash, a moisturiser, a toner, a mask etc…

The second step - Research

After finding out what kind of product you might want to try, do your research! K-beauty is no longer a thing of the past, nowadays, you can pretty much find product information and recommendations anywhere. Type the word “K-beauty” into Google and you will find hundreds online retailers, blogs and reviews. However, it might be a little difficult to filter through all these information, so I would like to share with you my go to sources for all things K-beauty. YouTube has become an information hotspot for beauty reviews and tutorials and is also a great place to discover the latest Korean skincare products and trends. Here are a few channels that I follow to get advice and learn about new products: Gothamista, Liah Yoo, Meejmuse, The Beauty Breakdown and Joan Kim. Check out the full list here

On a shopping band but still want to get into the world of K-Beauty? Why not use your own skincare product to try out one of these K-beauty skincare trend: 7 Skin method or Glass skin.

Whether it is a new skincare product or trend, if you have decided to try out K-beauty, let me know how you get started below. Also, don’t change out your whole routine at once as this can be super expensive and can also do more harm for your skin! If you add one new product to your routine at a time, this will minimise any potential irritation to your skin and this will also be easier for you to keep track of what is working.


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