Back to the basics


In the last few years, multi-steps skincare routine, acid treatments, retinol, as well as its lesser forms, have all been the rage. Enticing brands marketing; product reviews and recommendations from our favourite influencers have made many of us (myself included) rushed out to try new products without considering our skin needs. The products overload can leave your skin confused or irritated, and what worse is that we can often lose track of what product is actually working. Even when we are following the exact same skincare routine as those who have beautiful skin, why are we not getting the same result?

Asides from the fact of good lighting or photo touch-up, the main reason is down to genetics, this is something that no one can really do anything about. Another thing to highlight is that just like how everyone’s genetic is different, everyone’s skin is also very different and can react to products differently. Therefore rather than comparing your skin, you should find out more about your skin type and assess its needs.

To begin a good relationship with your skin, cut out all the unnecessary products and start with the basics. This is about creating a foundation that you can build upon and also go back to when your skin is not feeling its best. The goal for this routine is to help your skin finds its balance and maintain a healthy skin’s barrier. This barrier (made up of the epidermis, stratum corneum, and acid mantle) is very important as it acts as a veil to lock in water, moisture, and shield against outside substances such as pollution and bacterias. If you would like to know more about the functions of the skin’s barrier then I recommend reading The Lab Muffin Guide to Basic Skincare by Michelle. She does a much better job at explaining these things than me.

Like the name suggested, a basic routine should be simple and quick to apply. Mine includes only four steps: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise and Sun Protection in the morning. These are the steps that tend to be very consistent in my routine, I am not very adventurous with these steps and when I find a product that works, I will stick with it. Saying that if I want to try out a new product, I would do so for only one step at a time. I will also switch up products seasonally as my skin is drier during the colder months and more dehydrated during Summer.  

Here is my current Summer Basic Skincare routine:


Nighttime balm cleanser: Make P:rem Vaseline Cleansing Balm - melt away and removes make-up very quickly.

Nighttime gel cleanser: Dr. Sam's Flawless Cleanser - Fragrance-free, non-foaming gel cleanser, that leaves skin soft and clean.

Daytime cleanser: Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Cleanser - a gentle cleanser with very light tea-tree scent. Excellent as a morning wake me up.


Toner: Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner -  a hydrating toner that sinks in almost immediately and keeps my skin hydrated.


Moisturiser: Cosrx Aloe Vera Oil-free Moisture Cream - a gel moisturiser that soothes and calms the skin, perfect for the Summer.


Sun Protection: Make P:rem Blue Ray Sun Gel - a lightweight sun gel that provides SPF 50 protection. Non-greasy, white cast free and does not break me out.


Shop the Basic Summer Routine here.

This is the very base of my skincare routine. If I feel like my skin is very dehydrated, I will add a hydrating serum or an oil when it is dry. When my skin is looking dull and lacklustre, I will use an exfoliating toner and a vitamin C treatment. When I’m going through a breakout period, I will include spot treatments. My basic routine stays the same but I will always adjust it to my skin needs.



Do you follow a basic skincare routine? Let us know below.

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